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Training to be an Evanji Sugaring Practitioner is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Providing a sound basis which to set up your own business, we provide you with all the training material, products and advice to help you get off to a great start.

Our Training


What is Sugaring

Sugaring is an ancient Arabic form of hair removal, where a paste, made of sugar, lemon juice and water, is applied to the skin and flicked off. This effectively removes the hair from the root.

Sugaring began hundreds of years ago in the Arabic countries. Women at that time did not have the soaps and deodorants we have today, but they found that by removing their pubic and underarm hair they could stay fresher and cleaner. So they developed sugarpaste.

We have 2 training options:

4-5 day training package

4 - 5 day training package for those with no previous Beauty or waxing qualifications. This includes Theory modules which may be studied by correspondence. Practical sessions to cover a minimum of- 4 half leg, 1 Full legs, 4 bikinis, 3 under arm, 4 eye brow, 2 top lips & 1 chin and If possible the following will also be included- 1 cheek, 1 back, 1 lower arms, 1 neck.

Cost- £825.00

2 Day Conversion Training

2-day conversion training for existing Beauty & Waxing Therapists – must provide waxing certificate. This includes a training manual and practical sessions covering all areas of the body.

Cost - £275.00

We also offer the Opportunity to become an Associate and be included on the Evanji Website

This includes the option of sugar paste at our wholesale prices, access to admin, advertising, use of our logo and further support.

£180 for the year

This can be Monthly invoiced at 15.00 per month if you prefer
More details on request.

We offer 2 options to purchase kits if required.

A Mega start up kit

A Mega start up kit - Insurance, couch, Paste Heater, Couch Roll, Tweezers, Medic Clipper Spray, 250ml Witch Hazel, Eyebrow wand, 2 packs of paper strips, 5 pots (1kg) of Evanji Sugar paste, Body Lotion, Body Wash. £325.00

Mini Kit

Mini Kit – 2 pots of sugar paste, paste heater, eyebrow wand, Body wash, Body Lotion. £125.00

An initial deposit of 25% (non-refundable) is required to secure a date.
Total course fees payable before certification. 50 CPD points

Aromatherapy Massage 01

Head, Neck & Shoulder; Face and Back

The course consists of a theoretical element relating to aromatherapy and massage; a practical element relating to 3 zones of the body – head neck and shoulder; face; back and the physiology and anatomy of the relevant areas of the body.

The duration of the course is flexible, including approximately 20 hours of tuition, incorporating massage practicals as soon as possible. There is a written paper at the end of the course. Each candidate must also complete 5 case studies and an assessed practical.

The Course fee is £425.00, which includes a start-up pack of essential oils up to the value of £80.

Course Content

Aromatherapy, History of Aromatherapy, Fragrances, Health & Safety, First Aid, 12 Evanji Essential Oils and their use, Major systems of the body affected by Essential Oils, Miscellaneous information – including skin tests, dilution, children, pregnancy, Therapeutic Cross Reference Index, Anatomy & Physiology, Skull, Vertebral Column, Other areas of the Skeletal System, Muscle Structure, Physiology –vascular system, lymph, nervous system, endocrine, Massage, Contraindications, After effects & advice, Routines.

32 CPD Points

Aromatherapy Massage 02

This course consists of both practical and theory. The Aromatherapy element of the course offers the 12 essential oils of the above course (1) alongside a further 6 essential oils. A foot massage routine is taught alongside the relevant anatomy and physiology of the foot. Approximately 8 hours are needed to complete the course, with 5 case studies being required before certification is given. The course fee is £325, which includes some essential oils.

Course Content

Structure of the foot & ankle; foot massage; treatment; contraindications; aromatherapy and essential oils; among other areas.

13 CPD Points

As an extension course

The Foot massage course can be studied as an extension to the course (1) above. This can be completed in 4 hours, with 3 case studies needed before certification. Six new essential oils are introduced.

The course cost is £195, 2 essential oils.

Hot Stone Massage

This course consists of both practical and theoretical. A massage qualification and knowledge of anatomy and physiology are essential as these will not be taught in the course. Comfortable clothing and short fingernails are desirable. The course fee is £190.

Course Content

History of stone massage, Benefits, Chakras, Effects of Massage, Contraindications, Equipment, Massage routine.

Baby Massage

Baby Massage has been known to help promote wellbeing among babies and bonding for the baby and parent for many years. Now learn how to TEACH this fabulous treatment to parents and their children. The course covers Setting up a class, Health and safety, Anatomy & Physiology, Massage as a Therapy, Contraindications, Baby Development, and Facilitating a class, among other points. A full baby massage routine is taught, including specific routines to aid digestion and reduce colic. The course will run once a week over 4 weeks, for approximately 90 minutes each session. You will then be required to put into practise what you have learnt with a group or an individual in the same week. You will need to provide evidence of your practical session. This may be through feedback forms or video.

You will be given access to all booking forms, lesson plans and handouts via dropbox so that you can use these as needed. You will have a comprehensive manual for reference.

The course cost will be £200.


Reiki can be studied from Level 1 right through to Masters. Courses are run throughout the year and also for individuals.

Level 1
2 half day sessions are needed over 2 different days.

Level 2
1 day is needed.

1 day is needed.


The course consists of both practical and theory, studied over an 8-hour period, which can be completed in one day.
Three case studies should be carried out in the candidate’s own time, and satisfactory completion of this certification will be given. Comfortable clothing and short nails are desirable.

Course Content: Reasons for giving/receiving a facial, Anatomy and physiology of the skin; bones, and muscles of the head and shoulder. Contraindications to a facial treatment; skin disorders. Determining Skin types. Facial products – their uses and purpose. Facial routine – practical element. Facial Massage. Record keeping and case studies.

The course cost is £175.

13 CPD points

Make Up Introductory Course

The Evanji Makeup Course covers makeup products and their application. Colour forms a big part of the process, and we will look at this too in relation to everyday, special occasions and bridal looks. The course can be studied over a period of 4 hours with 3 Case studies carried out in the Student’s own time to start building a portfolio.

The Cost of the course is £125.

Ear Candling

This course consists of a practical and theory element, studied over 4 hours, ending with an observed practical and short theory quiz. A case study should be carried out in the candidate’s own time. Comfortable clothing and short fingernails are desirable.
All the candles required for your course and case study.

Course Content

History of Ear Candling. Benefits – aromatically and physically. Structure of the ear – Anatomy and Physiology. Composition of the Candles and how they work. Ear Nose and Throat Problems. Contraindications to treatment. Preparing to provide a treatment – PRACTICAL. Facial and Sinus massage. Anatomy and Physiology of the FACE. After care advice.

The Course fee is £145

6 CPD Points

Manicure & Pedicure

The Evanji training course consists of a practical and theory element, studied over an 8-hour period (approximately), which can be completed in 1 day. (Theory taking 2 hours.) The course includes some hand and Foot products along with all the equipment needed to begin your treatments (totalling over £100). Candidates will be taught hand and foot massage. All necessary information will be provided. Comfortable clothing will be required and please ensure nails are clean and short because you will be performing a massage sequence.

Course Content

Anatomy and physiology of the nails, hands and feet. Nail disorders and diseases. Health and Safety. Contraindications to a manicure/pedicure treatment. Products and Tools. Manicure Procedure. Pedicure Procedure. Hand Massage. Foot Massage.

The course cost is £325

Add-on courses

Minx / Jamberry

If you are interested in All the below courses within the Manicure & Pedicure range a combined fee cost can be arranged, please don’t hesitate to ask

Nail wrap training can be included for £45
(No equipment included)

Gel Polish - Training can be included for £95
(No equipment included)

A standalone Gel Nail courses is available
for £100.

Lipolysis Wrap

A Lipolysis wrap works by Lecithin from soya beans being applied to the skin in a massage medium. The body is then wrapped and kept warm allowing the lecithin to break down the fat within the fat cells. These are then removed from the body over the course of 3 days and inches are lost. The course covers body wrapping, application of a product prior to wrapping, the action of lipolysis, and correct measuring. It is very much a practical based course.

The cost of the course includes a Detox oil and Soya Lecithin with wrap medium. Other Lipolysis wrap products may be used upon certification. The course can be studied over a period of 3-5 hours depending upon the number of candidates.

Cost £150

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting

The duration of the course is 4 hours. The course will consist of theory and practical, with a short answer test paper and practical assessment.

Course Content: Why do we tint? The Structure of Eyelash and Eyebrow hairs. What makes them different? Products and Equipment. How does the tint work? Contraindications to tinting. Colour Selection. Process & Precautions. 5 CPD points.

The course fee is £175 and includes a starter pack

Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions add volume to existing lashes and are available to apply individually or in clusters. We teach to apply the clusters of lashes for fast results. The course includes a practical and theoretical element and has a duration of approximately 4 hours. There is no formal test but each candidate will be expected to complete a set of lashes. A further case study may be required depending on competency. The course covers preparation of the eyes; application of the lashes; contraindications; aftercare advice and removal.

Course cost is £225 and includes a kit of lashes, glue, and remover to take away and get you started.

Eyebrow Extensions

A fabulous addition to cover scarring and improve confidence where eyebrows have been thinning. Add individual eyebrow hairs to thicken and define the shape of the brows and thus the shape of the face. The course will be taught over approximately 4 hours. The course covers preparation of the eyebrows; application of the extensions; contraindications; aftercare advice and removal. A theory manual will be provided and each student will complete a set of brows.

The course cost £175 and includes a starter kit

Eyebrow Lamination

The course costs £145


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