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In the middle of August a very lovely friend called Gina Cox-Roberts put out a 5 day branding challenge. Although Evanji is celebrating being 17 this October I was intrigued to see what I would get out of the sessions.

Gina gave us time to step off the hamster wheel and look at our brand from the outside….

Discussing our brand one of the most important things to me was being ethical. The satisfaction of growing an international business when doubters had said I would fail was also high up on my list of reasons for success! Showing the world I am as good as the next person, while helping others, especially those who learn differently, to access learning and succeed. The ‘YES’ I get from the challenge of growing my business and myself in different directions…succeeding where I’ve been told I won’t and I love saying ‘watch me’!!

At Evanji we attract trainees who ‘think differently’. Usually students returning to work/changing career or not able to attend college full time. Being Dyslexic I have a fluid teaching style and find I can adapt to the student’s needs. I also attract students who need a life change (similar to me when I started the business) and to some degree students (of all ages) with no money!! All students, even overseas ones, have come from word of mouth recommendation or social media. 

I started thinking of why we are different to other training companies at Evanji..I never see it as just me! In terms of training I tend to think outside of the box.. in fact ‘what box?’!! I came up with that I train students preferably 1:1 so that I can suss out their learning style/needs, at a mutually convenient time/way.  I had a brain injury at age 19 and have acquired dyslexia so have had to adapt a lot..and apply this all the time. Our aftercare is pretty unique, offering support through an online group and personally. I asked some of that group what they thought and got this feedback… I love the last one!! 

Friendly staff. Natural products. One to one flexible training.

Completely natural treatment, actually good for skin. Amazing training truly tailored to your individual needs, lovely lovely practitioners.

Approachable trainer, professional training and natural products.

Professional friendly comfortable delivery of training and great aftercare Help for your business development great products and Denise is Ace.

So my original elevator pitch when meeting with people at networking was  –   I run an international beauty and holistic training school where our specialism helps people ‘take a walk on the smooth side’ naturally. We formulate and manufacture natural hair and body products to use with our clients.                                                           

What this has evolved to I absolutely love and think it describes us  so much more – 

Evanji have flexible training for worldwide entrepreneurs in the beauty and holistic therapy industry. whether you are established or starting out in a new direction. Our specialism uses a completely natural, in house formulated sugar paste for hair removal, helping your clients to ‘Take a walk on the Smooth side’.

No matter how long your business has been established for a ‘splash of Gina’ may just be what you are waiting for!




Evanji Ltd is an Associated Beauty Therapist Evanji Ltd is an Arbonne Independent Consultant based in Shropshire.    Shropshire_Chamber_Member

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