Summer is your skin protected?

It’s a very British thing to talk about the weather! We’ve been having some amazing sunshine and some really heavy rain..much needed for the gardens. Our Practitioners have been busy removing unwanted hair to make everyone ready for the sun and their holidays and we have seen a whole array of gorgeous suntans right through to some very pink bits!!

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I was guilty on Sunday of looking like the proverbial lobster…I was exhibiting at an event with Nat and we hadn’t realised that we would be outside. 9.30am until 3pm in the sun with no shade is no good for someone with pale skin!!

Luckily a kind customer let us use her sunscreen and I used it knowing full well that I wouldn’t like the ingredients…some protection is better than none!

We were swapping stories about how sunscreens with mineral oil and petrolatum can cause prickly heat rash and I remembered a family on a boat trip in Greece. They had a well known brand of sunscreen and had applied it liberally to their son. He had a prickly heat rash all over his body. They were applying more to ‘help’ him but with the chemicals in the product this was just trapping all the heat in his skin…hence the rash! Once we had washed the sunscreen off and cooled him down in the sea the rash had started to reduce and he was a lot more comfortable by the time we got back to land.

Remember to protect your skin this summer and if you’d like to try out making your own sunscreen we have found this recipe on the Locket Girl Blog. Sunscreen applied regularly is the best option!

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